Living in the high desert of Southern California has pluses and minuses. If you like warm weather, often roasting into the high 90F’s for days on end, you’ll love it here. Another positive are the warm days that turn into mild evenings. The high elevation keeps these nights refreshingly pleasant unlike places like Las Vegas or Phoenix that burn like Hades 24 hours in a row. This spring has been nice, not too hot, and not too cold. However, my nemesis, the wind, has picked up steam and blown hard for too long. It’s really wearing me out. I like riding my bike(s) but there are some days when the wind is blowing 15 to 17 mph steady with gusts to 25 mph. You’re constantly fighting the wind instead of enjoying the ride. Once the sun goes down the wind usually subsides and you can get in a few miles in the dark with a good headlight system. If there is a full moon you can actually get in good miles with no worries. Right now it’s blowing 23 mph from the southwest. I’m not riding this afternoon!