The Titanic Society

Send your loved ones off on a cruise they’ll never forget. In fact it will be so memorable it will be the last one they’ll go on. Featuring spacious cabins, and luxurious linens, your loved ones will be comfortable in their last moments.

How it works:

When the cruise ship gets far enough offshore (to prevent unwanted escape) it will hit a realistic iceberg and then start sinking, JUST LIKE THE MOVIE! As the sweet release of drowning in a small space takes them away you’ll know the price of this once in a lifetime event was worth every penny. For a special $2,999 upgrade we’ll place your dearest on the front of the ship so they can experience the sinking ship just like the movie! Priceless!

Proceeds from your loving purchase will go towards private schools, yachts, and magnificient vacation homes for our shareholders. Rest assured, your loved ones would have wanted it this way.


After 72 hours we’ll retrieve the ship from the ocean floor. This time period allows for the full experience for our guests. We are not responsible for any private property left on board during the journey. Salvage operations for valuables are handled by We Find Your Treasures & Keep Them, Inc. Any and all claims for injury or death are null and void upon purchase of a boarding pass and cabin. Boarding pass price fluctuations are based on the S&P 500 index. Remember, your loved ones prefer a healthy economy over anything else. Thank you, please share this offer with your friends and family.