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An epic science stunt

The best tweet ever!



I’ve discovered an excellent vegan restaurant in Huntington Beach, CA. Vegan Nirvana has a great Yelp rating an my taste buds give it a 5! I tried the Ultimate Liberation which is their unique name for “fish” tacos. I had my daughter call in my order while we were driving around the area. There were 4 tasty tacos in the to-go box. I asked for some hot sauce and the pleasant lady at the counter went towards the kitchen and returned with Sriracha. That’s awesome! Overall the food was very good and 4 tacos were just the right size for my pig-like appetite. 5 Stars!


I made a batch of chunky chocolate cookies. 90% cacao, banging!


It’s cliche AF to say it in SoCal but it finally rained. A storm is dumping on us until tomorrow. I hope we get some snow. That always makes things interesting here in the AV.

Garage Attack

Our garage is a temple to things. The bikes and boxes of memories. Spiders and cobwebs, it’s all in there. Within a month it will be cleared of clutter and ready for some new projects. I’m on a mission. Today my wife and I cleared out all sorts of junk. Some items will head to the thrift store and some will be recycled. The rest is going away.


I made Mapo Tofu in my large donabe this evening. It came out well. Definitely adding this to the rotation.


A friend of mine from the past lost her life yesterday. Pneumonia took her away. It’s been an odd day thinking about the good times we had together. Late night missions in Ed’s Cadillac to skate spots or other shenanigans. The 80’s were our time and Carolyn lived it to the max. So long friend. I’ll never forget her.

Happiness and the flight of black bean water

Walking into the office today without my coffee cup, which I forgot on the roof of my car while grabbing my work bag from the backseat, I realized that happiness or the sense of happiness from that cup of hot black bean water didn’t make me remember I left it on the roof. I mean I put it on the roof and told myself that I better not forget that I left it there then walked away 3 seconds later without it. My new cup was there, without me to protect it, patiently waiting for nothing since coffee cups don’t think. I’ve driven off down the road too many times and listened with great horror as the wayward cup rolls around on the roof and then crashes to the pavement. Once I made it about a 1/4 mile from home until the slamming grand finale of the stainless steel vessel flight alerted me to the anguish of my coffee failure. Glancing in the mirror I saw it pour out swiftly as the cup tumbled end over end. Quickly pulling over I retrieved my trusted and abused friend and carried on. I’m not sure what it is about coffee cups that causes me to instantly forget that I left them on the roof of my car. I don’t leave my lunch or wallet up there. Perhaps it’s because I didn’t consume enough coffee on the drive or maybe I just don’t care. I sure hope it’s the former because I really like this new cup that was a gift from my mother. Enjoy your coffee tomorrow and don’t put it on the roof of anything that moves. Believe me.


What stops people from achieving goals they set for themselves? I have learned that this is the very person that stares back at you when you’re looking in a mirror. Yes, it’s you. I write this knowing now that successes and failures in my life have been ultimately caused by my actions but I didn’t realize for many years that the failures and missed opportunities are my doing. It took me decades to figure out this bit of knowledge thanks to listening to theĀ Rich Roll podcast when he interviewed David Goggins. I’ll make it easy for you. Click here to get the episode. If it doesn’t open your mind and get you fired up something is wrong. Ultimately we’re responsible for our own life. It’s very simple. As of today I am determined that nothing will stop me from my goals. I’m getting out of the way of myself so I can get things done that matter to me.


In all my years of dealing with people in my personal life and in business I’ve come across genuinely good people and some real tools. One glaring difference is the tools don’t seem to know that they’re over the top jerkoffs with nothing to say except words that demean and dehumanize. Good people take the time to listen, take a moment to think before responding, and generally have an outlook on life that resonates with values that align with not being a dick. It’s really pretty simple to treat people with respect, but when that respect isn’t paid back things quickly turn sour. So, don’t be a dick.

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