There’s no beating around the bush. Moleskines are cool and you suck if you don’t have one. Sorry, just kidding. Perhaps you’re asking yourself just what in the hell is a “mole skine” anyway? Once you’re up to speed on the pronunciation of moleskine you should be ready to purchase one at your local bookstore. Why would you possibly need one? Many reasons. Read on philistine!

Taking down notes is a common usage for many moleskines. I use mine for jotting down ideas before I forget them which I am apt to do in the blink of an eye. You probably have 3 to 4 ideas per day that will make you millions of dollars, but without a solid note the idea is gone, worthless, floating away into the dark recesses of your overloaded brain matter. Well, thankfully, the moleskine can save your ideas and get them one step closer to reality.

The first one I received was a gift in 2007. It’s a leather-bound super heavy notebook, not from Moleskine the brand, but from a large chain bookstore. I used it for many years and filled it will all sorts of stuff. The pages were unlined so I could draw a sketch of a bike, scribble a note, fill the page with postit notes (redundancy at it’s finest), or use it for passwords.  Up next was a hard-bound journal with bright white unlined pages. I use this one for black ink drawings, but not too often. During Ink-tober 2016 I’ll attack it again for 31 days. In 2013 I bought a Moleskine brand notebook. Instantly I could feel the inspiration. I got it home, opened it up, and stared at the blank pages, flipping them over, and over, and over. Then I tossed it aside. It sat unused. And it sat there, and didn’t move. It mocked me openly. “Why aren’t you filling my pages with all the wonderful things that go through your mind?” I was puzzled. Buying a moleskine doesn’t instantly bring on a rush of creativity, it merely provides a physical outlet to create an empirical notation that stands on it’s own. moleskine_090616Starting on January 1, 2014 I started filling the pages. The first entries were silly ideas, then I created task lists, followed by a new bike project. One page was used to track how much gas I was using in my car. Then, once I was awakened by the Budhha, I used the moleskine as a daily journal for over two months. I laid down some internal thoughts each morning in an attempt to bring meaning to the mornings. It worked. I felt relieved and I enjoyed the sense of accomplishment. The first few journal days were meager, a few sentences. After a few weeks the pencil wouldn’t stop. Writing for a solid 30 minutes time would seem to fly by. Soon my morning routine was changed and I had to drive the kids to school. I stopped the daily journal attack and set that moleskine aside.

My wife was looking for a daily notebook recently at the local big chain bookstore and as I am wont to do I headed straight for the moleskine rack to check out the latest offerings. One thing I should note is this; Moleksines are not cheap flimsy notebooks. They are made well, and the price reflects the quality. Expect to pay a bit more but know that it’s well worth it. In the photo above, on the right-hand side, are two of my latest. I use one for daily life notes, the other below it I use for work. I’ve retired my yellow legal pad. Good riddance. The red covered notebook is made of stiff cardboard that is a great doodle pad in itself. I added a paperclip and one postit note that irritates the shit out me when I see it. Why do I use a postit for a tab? I must be possessed by a ghost of my past that used those annoying little glue-goblins for too many important things. Just now I peeled the postit from it’s page  and tossed it into the recycler. No more postits!!!

What makes the moleskine the perfect notebook? I think it’s the inherent style that has historically been shaped into the bound paper you see today. From the beginnings in the 20th century, when notable thinkers and writers used these bound notebooks for drawing and writing, all the way to today, where the Moleskine brand has become an icon in less than 20 years. The blank pages are yours to use. Fill them with anything you wish.

With that I think it’s time a for a doodle, and time for you to go shopping.