Owning a house can try your patience and bring you joy at the same time. A perfect example came this week in the car maintenance folder. I put new brake pads in my Prius. One hour & 10 minutes start to end of clean up. Today, um, my patience was taken to the limit. And maybe over the limit, for a brief moment.

You see, our dryer stopped heating. The uproar from the residents of my house, meaning my wife and 3 grown up giant human people kids, was quite urgently expressed over the last week. Having two jobs and being tired AF puts appliance repair in the same category as going to court or the DMV. So with my tools and some cussin’ I replaced the gas valve solenoids and thermo coupler. Putting the dryer back in place was a challenge and to achieve victory I asked my wife to jump in for the reconnection of the gas line and vent hose. Hanging like an upside down monkey behind the dryer the reconnect was completed. A repair for the ages for sure. Let’s see what breaks next…..LOL!!!