As another year ticks over and the calendar is flipped to a new year many people are hopeful and fired up to get resolutions going. I’ve always been a naysayer to the idea of resolutions since the calendar shouldn’t dictate how we live our lives, rather we should live according to the seasons. That’s just my $0.02. So for 2018 I’m going to go ahead and set a resolution and make it real. The resolution to update my blog with a new post at least once a day. That’s it. Seem’s easy enough. We’ll see how this goes!

Last night we enjoyed good food and hilarious conversations with friends. Waking up without a hangover was a pleasure but getting to bed at 1:30am pushed us to lounge in bed way to long.  I don’t think I need to recap NY Eve shenanigans of years past that caused all-time spin inducing hangovers to any of you since you’ve probably only tallied up a few legendary year ending self-imposed illnesses.

A nice leisurely hike with my wife at lunch time today was very nice. Clear skies and 64F weather made it pleasurable and relaxing. I felt a little verklempt thinking of my friends and colleagues freezing in the snow so I took off my shirt for the warm hike back to the car. Here’s to 2018, resolutions and all.