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So long Facebook

I’m done with Facebook. The recent Cambridge Analytica scandal was enough. Follow me here or Twitter. Stay tuned.



I’ve discovered an excellent vegan restaurant in Huntington Beach, CA. Vegan Nirvana has a great Yelp rating an my taste buds give it a 5! I tried the Ultimate Liberation which is their unique name for “fish” tacos. I had my daughter call in my order while we were driving around the area. There were 4 tasty tacos in the to-go box. I asked for some hot sauce and the pleasant lady at the counter went towards the kitchen and returned with Sriracha. That’s awesome! Overall the food was very good and 4 tacos were just the right size for my pig-like appetite. 5 Stars!


I made a batch of chunky chocolate cookies. 90% cacao, banging!


It’s cliche AF to say it in SoCal but it finally rained. A storm is dumping on us until tomorrow. I hope we get some snow. That always makes things interesting here in the AV.

Garage Attack

Our garage is a temple to things. The bikes and boxes of memories. Spiders and cobwebs, it’s all in there. Within a month it will be cleared of clutter and ready for some new projects. I’m on a mission. Today my wife and I cleared out all sorts of junk. Some items will head to the thrift store and some will be recycled. The rest is going away.


I made Mapo Tofu in my large donabe this evening. It came out well. Definitely adding this to the rotation.


A friend of mine from the past lost her life yesterday. Pneumonia took her away. It’s been an odd day thinking about the good times we had together. Late night missions in Ed’s Cadillac to skate spots or other shenanigans. The 80’s were our time and Carolyn lived it to the max. So long friend. I’ll never forget her.

Evening Run

I’ve been getting motivated lately to begin my usual winter exercise routines in anticipation of some adventures this spring/summer. After work today I went for a trail run. The rising full moon in the east was a pleasant surprise. There has been a lot of cloud cover and rain so the lunar orb hasn’t been seen much. I brought a headlamp but didn’t need it much unless I was shrouded in trees. The cool breeze, 50F, was nice. Running up the trail I gained a little over 400 feet of elevation. Returning back to my car I took a creek bed that is currently dry but it’s been getting well used with the recent rains. The sand in the creek bed has the consistency of wet beach, just slightly firmer under foot. Speaking of under foot, I was listening to the Rich Roll podcast yesterday. He was interviewing Guru Singh. Singh mentioned that you should get barefooted and walk or stand on earth for 3 minutes a day to simply get grounded to the vibrations and magnetic frequency of the planet. So, taking the guru’s advice I whipped my shoes and socks off and walked about 100 yards in the moist cool sand. The connection was complete. 

It’s January now, the days are getting longer and my trail runs will become more frequent. I can’t wait for summer. 

Silly Vegan Tacos

Around lunch time yesterday I started feeling hungry so I took a gander at the offerings in the fridge and found some white rice, refried beans, and coleslaw, plus taco shells. How does all of this sound mashed into a taco shell? Sounds good to me!

Here’s the video. Enjoy!



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