Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.

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The View from Earth

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Norah Jones – Patience

You need this.

America 2020

The dystopian future has arrived. My friend Bryan Arita snapped this photo of his daughter at the local Stater Bros market in Palmdale, California today. Stare at it. Understand it. Feel it’s power. Something is wrong in our society. It’s time to wake up and change now.

Life is good

Heading into the new year

Looking into the new year I’m determined to go full steam ahead and make positivity the goal. If we all took a step back from the negatives in our lives and worked on just being positive things would change. Say thank you to people you don’t know. It’s easy, it doesn’t hurt, and it really goes a long way. You just might make someone’s day. The tweet below is my jam for the next 363 days. When you feel it, you feel it. Be your own drummer. Go with the new flow friends!

The Moment part 1

Walking back to the office today, after picking up lunch, a squirrel hopped out of some shrubs and started running towards me. As we came closer together the squirrel hung a right turn back into the plants and startled a huge grasshopper that flew up and turned towards me! It swerved away before crashing into me and landed near the curb. As I walked past it I thought of taking a photo, but then the grasshopper took flight and skidded across the top of a xxx newspaper machine. With a gust of energy the grasshopper flew hard into the path of a van that was speeding by about 35 mph. Fade to black.

(previously posted on a social media site on October 23, 2018)

Moth Power

This big moth stopped by the backyard for a visit. My iPhone X captured it’s face in spectacular clarity.


Changes in life sometimes happen with frightening quickness, or glacier like slowness. Texting with friends today and good things are on the horizon.

Sleep with one eye open

Bella the dog. She is about 11 years old and slowing down. She snores and it’s awesome.


This is by far one of the best podcasts I’ve ever heard on food and the science behind eating. Download this now and wake up!
Rich Roll Podcast – Ray Cronise & Julieanna Hever


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