I was driving home from work today minding my own business when I was rear-ended by an inattentive driver while exiting the 118 eastbound at Laurel Canyon. Now, before you get your concern switch flipped to the rage setting, it wasn’t like the airbags popped out or I got whiplash from the impact. It was a little bump, but it still needed to be reviewed on the side of the road. I immediately pulled over and watched as the driver of the pickup truck slowed down as he drove by me, then sped off!!! Say what? Yep, he was a runner! I hopped back into traffic and followed him through two intersections. When it was clear I pulled up next to him and motioned to pull over. He quickly pulled onto a side street and got out of his truck. He walked back to me while I was looking at the rear bumper of my car. There was no visible damage. Not even a scratch. I started asking him why he took off and you can’t just hit people and leave the scene and so on. After a few seconds he looks at me and says hablas espanol? I said sorry buddy, not good enough to get through this. So I just kept on talking about hit and run and leaving the scene of an accident. Finally he says he’s been awake since 3:00 in the morning in sketchy english. Ok, I understand now. He was wearing a work uniform, probably from a gardening company since it was all green with the little oval name tag patch. I stared at his wrinkled mug thinking to myself this guy is probably as old as me and just got done busting his ass all day, I can claim this with my insurance and go through the whole process of getting my car checked out for the lightest bumper tap I’ve ever had, or just let it go.  I chose the latter and we shook hands and went out separate ways.

The moral of the story is not every little inconvenience to you needs to result in a lawsuit, someone getting a fat lip, or pulling out a gun and having a duel. Just let that shit go!