Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.

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Riding the dirt

I’ve been riding my mtb more and more and fitness is returning. Get outside, it’s the best side!


Grow your own. It’s fun, and tasty!

Moth Power

This big moth stopped by the backyard for a visit. My iPhone X captured it’s face in spectacular clarity.


Changes in life sometimes happen with frightening quickness, or glacier like slowness. Texting with friends today and good things are on the horizon.

Swift Campout 2019

I’ll be riding west from Palmdale on the June 22nd Swift Campout (Summer Solstice) around 3:00pm to the Sawmill Campground in Lake Hughes, CA. The route will follow the California Aqueduct to Johnson Road and then west to the Lake Hughes area. Ride time is about 3 hours and 30 miles. The start will be Ave P-12 and 25th St West in Palmdale. Load up your bike for some camping fun. There will be a supply stop in Lake Hughes for extra water and food. I am not your mom so I won’t be providing comfort or cover. Be prepared. Let’s ride!!! Email if you would like to join me for the bikepacking shenanigans. There will be climbing on dirt once the pavement ends to get to the campground.

I live the truth

Empower yourself to live the best version of yourself every day.


The season of cool breezes and short days never disappoints.

Sleep with one eye open

Bella the dog. She is about 11 years old and slowing down. She snores and it’s awesome.


I tried to order an Anything bagel this morning. #wakeup

Go vegan at Del Taco

In a hurry and looking for vegan grub? Hit Del Taco and get a tostada for a $1.00. Tell them no cheese and you’re good to go!

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