Going through space on this wet rotating rock I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and talking to many people from different countries and cultures. I’ve worked with religious and non-religious people, haters, lovers, and people that I wouldn’t want to ever see again. I’m sure this is normal and I am not alone. The shared humanity that we experience should accommodate everyone regardless of their origin or views. Thousands of years of war and conflict shows us that we do indeed have differing views but we’re all together on earth sharing the resources and trying to find something good to eat. Scanning the digital landscape of privacy and data getting tossed around by marketers I’m pretty sure we’ve crossed the void into a new era of hyper-targeted advertising that’s swayed generations of people into smaller, tighter tribes that are having a negative effect on society. People are clutching their ideas so tightly they’re missing the other side’s opinions, and often missing the facts. The next year will be a revolutionary turn in the USA’s history. The youth are rising up and change is coming. Hang on tight!