This property follows along my plant powered lifestyle with a few twists and turns that happen in life. I enjoy cooking and creating, or modifying, recipes to take them to the next level of goodness.

Growing up and living exclusively in the state of my birth, California, I’ve had some amazing experiences that have shaped me in many ways that I’m still discovering. My family and friends are the greatest thing I have. Creating lasting memories with good people is a challenge and I try to never lose sight of this goal. Sometimes introverted, but always with an opinion, I enjoy digging into long drawn out debates on any subject. Ranging from the quality of life in the USA and abroad, to results of the mythical “ain’t never gonna happen” Mike Tyson vs Bruce Lee battle royale.

In my free time I like hanging out with my wife and kids at the beach. Soccer balls are ubiquitous at our house and the passion for the game runs deep. We enjoy travelling around California looking for interesting places. I have two YouTube channels that provide a creative outlet for the noise in my head.

Vegan Life:


Cycling has been a lifelong passion. From the first days at age 3 riding without training wheels to learning how to build my own frame from scratch, I’ve raced bikes, ridden with cool people, and popped wheelies all over.

I have a penchant for black coffee, and taking photographs that tell a story.